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  • handheld bidet

    Einstellbarer Sprühwinkel, Mehrzweck-Handbrause für Bidet

    Der Hand-Bidet-Sprayer ist ein tragbares Sprühgerät, das mit seinem Multifunktionsspray, dem Hochdruckspray, dem komfortablen Griffdesign, dem einstellbaren Sprühwinkel, der einfachen Installation und dem umweltfreundlichen Wasser einen persönlicheren, gründlicheren und umweltfreundlicheren Ansatz für die persönliche Reinigung bietet Speicherfunktionen.
  • best bidet attachment


    Bidet-Aufsatz für die Toilette, ultraflacher, selbstreinigender Frischwassersprüher, Toilettensitz-Aufsatz mit Doppeldüse für Damen- und Gesäßwäsche.
  • Detachable Bidet with Nozzle Angle Adjustable

    Detachable Bidet with Nozzle Angle Adjustable

    Recommend a surprise product - detachable bidet! It can not only bring you a fresh bath experience beyond your imagination, but also make you feel relaxed and comfortable in simple operation.  The smart design of this detachable bidet features a nozzle Angle that can be adjusted to perfectly fit the body curve, ensuring that every inch of skin is treated with meticulous care. Whether you are looking for refreshing comfort or just want to relax, it has everything you need. With simple installation, you can easily navigate, even for those who have no installation experience, you can quickly get started.  In this noisy urban life, we often feel tired, the body cleaning becomes particularly important. Detachable bidet is designed to meet the needs of modern life, it is not only a simple bathroom equipment, but also a private butler for your body care. Let's say goodbye to the traditional monotonous bathing method and welcome the unprecedented pampering experience!  During use, you will find this bidet both practical and convenient. When you are tired, turn the nozzle to a comfortable Angle, and the gentle water flow will take away your fatigue of the day and make you feel truly relaxed. And in special moments, such as summer heat or child care, you can also adjust the nozzle Angle to make the water more delicate and gentle, and carefully care for every inch of skin.  Easy to install, easy to operate, detachable bidet brings you not only clean, but also comfortable. Its emergence will change your perception of the traditional way of cleaning, so that you can enjoy the luxury experience of five-star SPA at home.  Whether it's for yourself or your family, choose this stunning detachable bidet. Let's get rid of the tedious life and enjoy the comfort of every day. You may wish to act now to make this bidet an indispensable partner in your life! Make it a unique bathing experience for you and your family!
  • bidet spray

    Nicht elektrisches, tragbares Reise-Bidet von Nete für die Postpartum- und Damenpflege

    Zu den Menschen, die der persönlichen Hygiene besondere Aufmerksamkeit schenken müssen, gehören Neugeborene, frischgebackene Mütter, schwangere Frauen, ältere Menschen und Patienten mit Hämorrhoiden. Jeder von uns muss auf seine persönliche Hygiene achten.
  • Protable bidet

    Protable bidet

    Through the brilliant sunshine, feel the body and mind completely restored and refreshed! Let me bring you a passionate portable bidet. This handy gadget, with its portable and lightweight features, will bring you a clean journey.
  • bidet attachment

    One Click Quick Disassembly Bidet Release New Clean Experience

    With a bidet, it is like being in a SPA comfort environment. No need for complicated installation steps, just a simple button, you can enjoy the clean journey. The carefully built one-click quick disassembly bidet brings you a new cleaning experience. This bidet is not only easy to operate, but also safe and reliable. No power supply, completely rid of the fear of electric shock. Tap the button, instantly feel the gentle water flow, immediately relieve the body's fatigue and pressure. What's more, the one-click quick disassembly design makes it easy for you to clean and maintain. Individual needs are also fully satisfied. The adjustable water pressure function allows you to choose according to your comfort level. From soft water flow to strong impact, it meets the needs of different people, making every wash more comfortable and private. High quality materials are used to ensure product safety and durability. Precision design and rigorous craftsmanship make your cleaning experience impeccable. At the same time, ergonomic curve design, feel good, bring you a pleasant feeling. One key quick disassembly bidet device, to bring you convenience and comfort of life. Enjoy a cleansing time and reconnect with your body. Let's embrace the comfort of everywhere and become our new selves. Since then, with this body cleaner, worry-free morning, enjoy the new clean experience!
  • bidet attachment

    Ultra-Slim Self Cleaning Fresh Cold Water Sprayer Bidets

    Recommend you an unprecedented bidet - electroplated button and knob bidet! With its convenient, convenient cleaning method and exquisite design, it becomes an indispensable must-have item in your life.  One click quick disassembly design, but also to provide you with a new cleaning experience. The product body can be easily separated from the fixed plate with a single press. No more time and effort to worry about cleaning problems. Make your cleaning process more convenient and efficient!  The well-designed electroplated shell not only makes the bidet more textured, but also improves the quality of the entire use process. Meticulous care for your fingertips, so that you feel honored and comfortable. Once you choose our cleanser, you will experience an unforgettable cleaning experience of keys and knobs.  The unique cleaning technology of this product makes you say goodbye to the tedious cleaning work. Easy removal of keys and knobs, coupled with efficient cleaning, will make your cleaning process easier and more enjoyable. You no longer have to worry about various stains on the keys. Let our body cleaner become the most loyal companion in your life, bringing you the convenience and happiness of cleaning.  Choose Electroplated button and knob bidet, choose a lifestyle that co-exists with quality and comfort. Take action now and let our body cleaner inject elegance and purity into your life!
  • bidet attachment

    Self Cleaning Bidet Dual Nozzle and Easy Water Pressure Adjustment

    Are you tired of your daily life? Looking for a simple and convenient solution to improve your quality of life? Then let us introduce a fascinating bidet - no electric bidet! What makes this non-electric device innovative is that it is not only convenient and practical, but also has a personalized design. First of all, its water pressure can be adjusted, no longer tangled in too high or too low water pressure, at any time can gently and comfortably enjoy the feeling of clean body and mind. Although it has no electricity, it can bring you unexpected surprises. We provide you with a dizzying selection of customization options, you can choose the color of the bidet and match your favorite logo according to your own preferences and personality. Not only make your bidet ​a part of your life, but also show your unique personality as a fashion accessory! Whether it is the current energetic young people, or the high quality of life requirements of mature people, no electric bidet can meet your needs. Its operation is simple and easy to understand. Enjoy comfort in just a few steps without worrying about the complicated installation process. Still struggling with the chore of cleaning? Now, with a non-electric bidet, you no longer need to spend time and effort cleaning and struggling to use a traditional bath. It frees you from complexity, from worry and embarrassment. With it, you can face every moment of life as easily as you want, and make every moment a pleasure. Forget the tedious life and embrace simplicity and convenience. Let the non-electric bidet accompany you through every beautiful moment, make your life more wonderful, full of infinite surprises and fun! The non-electric bidet redefines the cleansing experience for you! Do it now and make it a must-have in your life!
  • bidet attachment

    Advanced bidet

    The gentle water gently moisturizes your skin, making you feel relaxed and comfortable. No need to worry about the current, this bidet uses non-battery drive, more peace of mind. At the same time, you can adjust the water pressure to customize the comfortable cleaning effect according to your needs. Exquisite design and elegant appearance of the advanced bidet. The smooth texture of the material with simple lines, showing the taste and style of modern urbanites. Whether used at home or placed in the bathroom, it can add a stylish and quality to your space. The combination of fashion and practicality allows you to have a clean, comfortable and pleasant bathing experience. Say goodbye to tedious, welcome simple, let the advanced sense bidet become your daily bath indispensable companion! Start each day in comfort!
  • bidet attachment

    Ultra-Slim Bidet Attachment for Toilet

    【 Simple fashion 】 Pay attention to every detail of the design, the perfect combination of simplicity and fashion. The compact form factor allows you to easily install anywhere in the bathroom. The stylish button design makes the operation easy and pleasant. Whether it is a newly renovated bathroom or an old bathroom, it can bring you a new feeling. 【 Free adjustment 】 Different people have different needs for cleaning their bodies, which is a perfect solution to this problem. The unique adjustable water pressure technology allows you to adjust the most suitable cleaning flow strength according to your personal preferences and needs. Whether it is gentle and gentle or dripping, it can meet your expectations. 【 Exquisite technology 】 The use of the highest quality materials and exquisite workmanship to ensure long-term use without damage. Reliable waterproof design, effectively protect the internal structure, so that you can use at ease. Every component is carefully selected and rigorously tested to bring you exceptional quality and long-lasting durability. 【 Health Care 】 Not only a body cleaner, but also a thoughtful care for your health. High quality materials are used to ensure non-toxic and harmless. At the same time, the innovative design makes cleaning more thorough and residue free, keeping private parts dry and comfortable.
  • bidet attachment

    Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment with Non-Electric Dual Nozzle Feminine

    The appearance of this bidets is simple and generous, using pure white design, the whole white piece, adding a fresh feeling to your sanitary space. Whether it is for home use or business, it can provide you with a comfortable and convenient body cleaning experience. A bidets with adjustable water pressure allows you to easily choose the right flow strength according to your personal preferences and needs. When you press the button, water will immediately spray out of the nozzle, which is gentle and comfortable, bringing you washing and gentler care for your skin. Fully meet the needs of different users for water pressure, comfortable experience is controlled by you! Make you feel happy and relaxed when using the adjustable water pressure bidets. This bidets can not only keep you away from embarrassment and complexity, but also bring unlimited fun to your washing time. With elegant flowing water, clean every inch of skin, let you feel refreshed in an instant! Not only a simple bidets, adjustable water pressure body cleaning device is your personal hygiene intimate little assistant. Whether it's a quick morning wash or a night of relaxation to soothe fatigue, it can be your personal health steward. Happiness is everywhere, happiness is everywhere, the body cleaner makes you a different way of life! Choose an adjustable water pressure cleanser to make a difference in your life. Stylish appearance, flexible adjustment of water pressure, let you experience more comfortable enjoyment in home life. Embrace the new experience, say goodbye to the traditional cumbersome, and welcome the relaxed and clean moment!
  • bidet toilet seat

    Dual Nozzle Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment

    In the cold winter or cold morning, do you always feel that the cold toilet lid is really not comfortable to use the bathroom? Now, we bring you a product that really makes you feel warm and pampered - a heated bidet toilet seat, so that you can stay away from cold and discomfort.  Whether it is cold in winter or cool in the morning, it can bring you a kind of warm feeling, so that you feel happy and comfortable in the process of using the bathroom.  Moreover, our toilet seat also has a powerful flushing function, so that you can thoroughly clean your private parts after use, improve personal hygiene habits, saving you valuable time and energy.  We pay attention to the quality of the product, for you and your family's peace of mind to use, the toilet lid of the body cleaner uses high-quality materials to ensure the durability and stability of the product.  Installation is also very simple. It can be easily installed on the toilet in your home by following the instructions in a few simple steps. Whether you are a young couple, a pregnant woman, an elderly person, or someone concerned about the health of their family, we can provide you with warmth and comfort at all times.  Forget the cold toilet lid! Make it a warm shelter for your family now. Whether it is a cold winter or a cool morning, Bidet toilet seat will bring you a cordial warmth and endless comfort experience.   
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