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What to do if you have hemorrhoids?

Apr 30, 2024

Nine out of ten people have haemorrhoids. This is an interesting proverb that describes the prevalence of haemorrhoids. Haemorrhoids can be divided into external, internal and mixed haemorrhoids. In Chinese medicine, haemorrhoids are considered as a disease caused by dampness-heat infiltration, while in Western medicine, haemorrhoids are caused by congestion, stasis and swelling of the venous plexus of the rectum or lower end of the anal canal, and its symptoms include bleeding during defecation, pain, anal itching and prolapsed haemorrhoids.


In the face of haemorrhoids, there is no need to panic, usually by keeping the anus clean can be relieved or eliminate the symptoms, only in individual serious cases need to seek medical attention. Xiamen Sineo, a factory specializing in the development, production and manufacture of bidet toilet covers, have uniquely designed a bidet toilet seat that is effective in preventing and relieving haemorrhoids.


This bidet toilet cover is based on the traditional toilet cover installation method as a basis, easy and convenient installation, stylish and simple appearance. The new built-in water circuit function meets the needs of daily gynaecological and buttock washing, and is equipped with a double nozzle self-cleaning function, which greatly enhances the hygienic performance of the product. In addition, the seat heating function is an option which allows people to enjoy a warm and comfortable toilet experience even in cold winter.

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